Mariya’s skillful coaching has had a tremendously positive impact not only on helping me achieve the goals that I set but also on my mindset towards my businesses. I found the sessions deeply thought-provoking and productive which I attribute to Mariya’s ability to follow the scent, dig down deep as well as helpfully ‘disrupt’ my usual patterns of thought through creative questioning. Mariya’s ability to retain information elicited during previous sessions such as my strengths, values and motivations were used expertly to help me generate deliciously fresh ideas and see old things in new ways. I felt I struck gold! Her skill in paraphrasing and remembering key details, made me feel I was in the hands of someone who had heard me and was genuinely interested in my success. As a result, I could really open up and this difference in my manner helped me achieve more.” Nicky T.

“Mariya is an amazing coach! She helped me believe in myself and keep moving forward. The coaching sessions with her are really inspiring and have a huge impact on my life. Highly recommend!” Ina Y.

“Mariya’s strengths lie in asking really powerful questions and teasing out and getting me to commit to tangible actions and next steps to help me make progress towards my goals. She helped me reframe some of my language which was creating resistance and barriers for me to move forward with certain activities of my business. Mariya gave me the confidence to post on Linkedin (a platform I have struggled to show up on since starting my own business due to confidence about the value/ professionalism / ‘intellectualism’ of what I do now vs. what I did before. She also helped me to commit to small changes in the way I work which have a big impact on my day to day ability to progress in my goals. I made a decision that’s not easy to make and follow through on; set boundaries around work and family life with better organisation of my day and week; I now value the work I do more.” Sara C.

“I started off a little skeptical about coaching, but was soon a FAN. Extremely helpful- my sessions with Mariya made a real positive impact and were a catalyst for changes in my personal and professional life. I am more organised, focused, disciplined and know myself better. It has been so beneficial and life-changing for me.” Wendy G.

“Mariya helped me bring my vision to life! From our first coaching session together Mariya helped me clarity my goals and what I needed to do to move forward. She helped me see ‘the light at the end of the tunnel’ by breaking down the steps I needed to take into bite-sized actions. Mariya’s follow-through is remarkable, as is her steadfast positive attitude. I felt safe with Mariya as she is an unbiased voice of guidance who led me to short-term solutions with long-term gains both for myself and my business.” Miglena V.

“Mariya provided me with very helpful and patient career coaching sessions. She always asked the right questions and really got me to think hard about what was preventing me from making some very important decisions about my career. As a result, I was able to achieve far greater clarity about what I wanted from my career, which was the initial aim of the coaching. For that I am very grateful to Mariya.” Matthew H.

“Mariya has been very patient with me and has followed me through my ups and downs throughout our sessions. Mariya has helped me go over some of my patterns of behaviours (good and bad) and managed to narrow my focus to just one or two goals. I feel that the seeds have been planted in my head and so I am conscious of my commitments. I am happy to vouch for Mariya for her valuable contribution in supporting me in my battles.” Laura C.

“I was very impressed. I value the ‘push’ and ‘call to action’ that seems to be the hallmark of Mariya’s coaching. The tools you shared with me to make decisions in my life were really empowering and I have gone ahead and set up my business and have had my first order.” Wendy, Barnes

“Mariya’s coaching style is professional, warm and supportive. She understood how much was at stake during this process and guided and supported me with her direct questioning style. After each session I felt focused and determined. She helped me to prioritize my tasks and focus my efforts, but above all her encouragement and support made me feel validated and much more confident.” Claudia H.

“Working with Mariya, I was able to identify underlying frictions and move-away goals I had in my life and was able to turn it into positive goals to strive towards. There were times when I went into the session half panic and unable to describe my goals due to emotional stress. Mariya was able to help me break it down to smaller steps and gain back control over how I react to various changes and events taking place in my life. Her pragmatic yet empathetic approach to coaching gave me confidence and each time I gain a new perspective about my goal.” Ji Hye P.